When I learned the amount I was going to pay for the original Bot Academy course, I'm sure I had the shocked-emoji look on my face, trying at the same time to calculate how I could actually make this happen.... $2,500?!


But, this conversational, bot thing had me by the throat, and showed no signs of letting go. Something in my gut told me to just dive in even though every close friend, and family member told me, "this is just a fad so don't waste your time."
So, I took a deep breath and made the BEST decision for my life and business, and said YES!
At first, I focused on the money, and learned how to make every sale possible so I could make this course count.

But, when I introduced myself to the group, I realized I had surrounded myself with people who also understood, like no one else what I was facing in this entrepreneur journey. They got me, because they were in the middle of it, too. 
The live trainings were jaw-dropping. These people cheered me on, and taught me things I didn't even know existed. They shared their passion for their niches, and yeah... when I was doubting, and dragging they kicked me in the ass and made me do what I said I would do, because they #trustitworks when I do the work. They are still some of my favorite people, and I still meet with a few of them every week.
If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn't have hesitated for a second at spending $2,500, $9,000 or even the latest $15,000. Even at double these prices it has been a bargain, I gain far more than I could ever contribute. The incredible people who are now leaders in their respective industries have taught me, and allowed me to share my knowledge with them. The experiences have been life-changing, and have created the momentum I need to reach the next level. That is why I created Bot Academy Bootcamp.
I'm giving you that same chance by inviting you to join us and create MOMENTUM.
Growing a business via traditional marketing can be exhausting with endless hours, miles of To-Do lists, and inches of progress. You keep asking yourself, " How do I communicate with my prospects and just get them to know, like and trust me enough to buy?" because all you hear from prospects is "It's not the right time" or "It's not for me" or worst of all, they ghost you. 
You are not alone!
Believe it or not, there is really only ONE thing holding you back from attracting and selling the exact clients you most want to help, and just like dominos, once you make this one shift, prospecting and selling becomes simple and even fun.

That's how it started with my student Hannes. This experienced bot builder thought he just needed more leads to grow his agency. By the third lesson Hannes created the shift that made all the difference.

He immediately discovered how to position himself for premium clients, and changed his discovery call structure and pricing strategy. Hannes knew he needed to stop charging $500 to build a bot, and start charging according to the value he created with his conversational marketing solution for clients.

The success of Chatbots is not because you know the tech of Messenger, it is due to the fact that you know how to communicate to your prospects via that and any other tech!

By the end of the Bootcamp intensive Hannes' new client paid $6,000 to build, and $7,500 for three months of retainers to iterate his conversational marketing solution.

$13,500 in agency business. 😳 When added to his existing clients, this created the highest revenue month EVER for Hannes! 🎊🤖🎁

That was the day he knew he had everything he needed for a high-ticket agency!
Common Questions to Ask if You are Struggling to Grow Your Business via Chatbots and Conversational Marketing
  • Am I attracting the wrong prospects that I either can't or don't want to work with?
  • Am I absolutely clear about what I offer, and prospects clearly understand?
  • Am I stuck selling via the chatbot tech, rather than the needs of my prospects?
You know, Stefanie Z. wondered if she needed to be a technical expert before she joined Bot Academy Bootcamp too. While knowing the basics of the tech are not required (because it is an in-depth part of the training we provide with this course), the technical details are not the only focus of this Bootcamp. 

And, Hannes thought clients wouldn't pay premium prices for his solutions, but that is not the case. The skills we teach you allow you to feel very confident as a conversational designer & marketer.

The best part about this Bootcamp is that I help you break free from the tech, so you can sell & deliver the results your customers and clients will crave. 
Here is Exactly What We Do to Help You Create The Conversational Marketing Communication Channel of Your Dreams
• 3 Day Intensive LIVE Bootcamp Training • Learn, Do & Practice with Guidance WorksheetsCase StudiesReal Client Examples 
• Templates  Private Community Access Accountability Groups 
 You Leave with a Complete Chat Experience Built 
Marketing Transformation with LIFETIME SUPPORT
Mindest Shift 
In stage ONE, we help you make the Mindset Shift from technician to marketer & give you the training to do just that. You will become a business owner with power over your purpose, service and transformation for your clients and customers. 
In this Stage you will create CLARITY around what you want in your business and agency so you can actually take action toward that goal. 
We help you gain clarity and use what you just learned to show your agency & business prospects how you solve their pain with conversational strategy. You will clearly understand the strategy behind the conversations you wish to monetize.
You will build the marketing strategy and experience that attract the exact clients your business & agency can best serve, and transform through your services.
Conversational Strategy
Conversational Design & Copywriting
Now, you are ready to write the actual conversations that will draw your perfect customer or client to you. Our system helps you understand the structure of these messages so you can clearly see how to put the right copy into the new tech.
You will learn how to clearly position yourself to attract the exact client who needs exactly what you offer, because your services are only as good as the transformation you provide. 
In this Stage you will SOLIDIFY the skills and structure you need to use whichever technical tools work best for your business. 
From Chatfuel to ManyChat to FB Ads to the new OpenlessApp, we dive into the details of the complete technical skills necessary to use these platforms to deliver your automated conversations to grow real business and agency revenue.
 Accountability Groups - Groups of your peers to keep each other accountable 
 Access to MKJ and her team of Incredible bot builders and chatbot copywriters - MKJ freely recognizes that she does none of this alone. Her team has incredible expertise and experience to help students in all areas of business and bots, and this rocket fuel is ready to load into your private rocket ship. 
 You are NOT ALONE: The main reason for a LIVE, INTENSE training is that your hand is held as you grow and learn new skills, techniques, and most importantly MINDSET. When you do the work, we show up and help you improve and implement to take MASSIVE INTENTIONAL ACTION!
 Monetize ALL Conversations: When you do the homework, and graduate from the Bot Academy Bootcamp, you now have the opportunity to use your new marketing knowledge to ensure you monetize all the conversations you have with your prospects, customers and clients.
 Prizes & Rewards for Your Effort: If you do the work guided by me live in this Bootcamp, you will accumulate points toward some pretty cool prizes and rewards.  MASSIVE INTENSE ACTION is what we are after, and if you take that action, you will leave with a fully built conversational adventure you can now use or sell to a client!

Who Can Join Bot Academy Bootcamp?

Not everyone can join the Bootcamp and do the work to create Momentum.

I've seen two types of people in the masterminds I've joined. The first group are willing to go all in with full rocket boosters. They dedicate the time and put in the work necessary to climb that mountain in front of them to take actions that get results.  The second group don't play full out. They are waiting for the other shoe to drop, and for things not to work, so guess what happens... Their efforts are half-hearted, and so are their results.

Business & Agency owners who create Momentum don't make excuses or blame others for difficulties. They're open, and willing to learn and grow. They've seen some success in their business, and they're ready for more. And, YES, they want to surround themselves with other entrepreneurs just like them.

That's why I'm requiring all those interested in creating this Momentum to apply to join. I'm also capping the number of members.


  • Want to grow your business via the new conversational marketing tech & chat
  • Understand the basics of the tech, and are ready to build a profitable business
  • ​Are ready to work hard, because you know anything worthwhile takes work, and
  • ​Want clients who value you and your expertise as much as you do...

Then, you are EXACTLY the person I want in the Bootcamp, creating MOMENTUM!


"I got myself two new clients in less than a week...  Mary went above and beyond, and extended herself to be sure I got a 100X value from the course."

Niel Reichl

"Mary Kathryn knows how to turn freebies into thousands of dollars... I consider her one of my secret weapons in growing my business.

Alison J. Prince, 

I got myself two new clients in less than a week...  Mary went above and beyond, and extended herself to be sure I got a 100X value from the course."

- Niel Reichl

"MKJ, you made me. I am so glad I found a person who can see into my soul and know what I need to create success. Thank you to you and Alexys for putting this program together. It feels like you put it together just for me!"

- Stefanie Zucker

Meet Your Coaches

Founder & CEO
Nicknamed #ChatBotMom, as an Author, Entrepreneur and Mom, Mary Kathryn Johnson has created online success since 2003.

Mary is now using that 17 years of roller coaster family and business success to help technicians disrupt their transactional freelancing for the mindset and action of a CEO.
Lead Conversational Design Coach
Alexys Bartok is a certified High-Ticket Closer™ & ChatBot Conversion Specialist who works with entrepreneurs to increase their net worth while decreasing their hours of work.

She firmly believes every person can find their success by finding
themselves and digging deep. Whether it be sales, systems, or copy, Alexys is the key to growing your conversions.
Become an In Demand, High-Converting ChatBot Master with Mary Kathryn Johnson's ChatBot Conversion Copywriting
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